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Food Nature Climate Dialogue (FNCD) strengthens the capacity and impact of civil society organizations working on forest protection, sustainable land use, and Indigenous rights.

We support a diverse network of partners with strategic communications. Our core offering includes international media outreach, boosting visibility for spokespeople around key topics, insights to better inform campaign planning, influencer strategies, and social media advertising.

We help amplify the voices of local communities, scientists, influencers and movements to promote land rights and demonstrate the key role of forests in mitigating the climate crisis.

Who We Are

Food Nature Climate Dialogue is part of the Climate and Land Use Alliance’s (CLUA) Strategic Communications Initiative. In close collaboration with civil society partners and movements, our team supports strategic communications efforts by publicizing forest and land use research and evidence, amplifying forest community and civil society voices, and helping to develop overarching narratives.

Areas of Expertise

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Strategic Communications

Support partners in developing and implementing effective communications strategies.

food nature climate
Content Creation and

Crafting, curating and boosting social media content for maximum impact and visibility.

food nature climate

Relationship building and outreach to media in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

food nature climate

Collaborating with digital content creators to bring environmental issues to broader audiences.

food nature climate
Research and

Media monitoring and analysis, social listening, audience research, narrative and discourse analysis, social network analysis.

Our Work

Here are some examples of projects we’ve supported.
food nature climate
Media outreach for the Preventing Pandemics Coalition
food nature climate
Release of the report “Who Owns the World’s Land”
food nature climate
Influencers engagement
to promote Indigenous rights

Our Team

Julia Zanolli

From Brazil, based in the UK

Responsible for bringing together civil society organizations and philanthropic grant makers to promote forests as a key solution to the climate crisis.

Graduated in Journalism & Social Communication. Worked in newsrooms for almost a decade before taking on leadership roles in environmental NGOs in Brazil and globally. Led international campaigns on forests, energy, and oceans before joining FNCD as a team lead.

Ana Alvarado

From and based in Costa Rica
Strategic Communications Manager

Responsible for working together with partners to increase visibility of tropical forest issues in Latin America and engaging Spanish speaking audiences.

Graduated in Collective Communications Science and Journalism, then worked in radio and instructional design. Spent almost a decade focused on strategic communications with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. Led territorial participation and capacity building efforts locally as well as advocacy in global climate decision making spaces.

Kat Clark

From the UK, based in the US
Strategic Communications Manager

Responsible for working together with partners to increase visibility of tropical forest issues in key English language media markets, and leads a grantmaking portfolio on bioenergy.

With a background in Politics & English Literature, Kat combines experience of working in communications agencies with a deep knowledge of environmental campaigning. She served as the communications director for an international organization before joining FNCD in 2020.

Nicolás Llano

From Colombia, based in Brazil
Insights Manager

Nicolás brings an academic and consulting background to his role, where he is responsible for transforming data and information into strategic and actionable inputs for our partners’ work. He oversees media and social media monitoring, audience research and develops insights reports to inform better campaign planning.

With over 15 years of international experience in media, audience research and social network analysis, Nicolas holds a PhD in Communication Studies and a specialization in Data Journalism.

Yani Lauwoie

From and based in Indonesia
Strategic Communications & Influencer Engagement Manager

Responsible for developing strategies to connect influencers with scientists and civil society organizations, and expand the conversation around environmental issues to broader audiences.

Journalism graduate with 15 years of experience working in magazine, radio, and online publishing industries before moving into environmental communications. Yani has led numerous creative campaigns focused on climate, Indigenous rights, green economy, and forest preservation.

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